Wednesday, February 26, 2014

DTN News - DEFENSE NEWS: French Army And The Sperwer UAV

DTN News - DEFENSE NEWS: French Army And The Sperwer UAV

(NSI News Source Info) TORONTO, Canada - February 26, 2014: The French Army has purchased five more Sperwer UAVs with an option to get two more. Although not as successful as American and Israeli competitors, the French made Sperwer continues to serve the French military and is expected to continuing doing so until the end of the decade. A French firm is developing a replacement, the Patroller, which is designed to appeal more to the export market. Most of the 150 Sperwers produced since the 1990s were bought by the French Army. Sperwer got its first heavy use during the Balkan peacekeeping missions in the 1990s. Five other nations also bought Sperwer, but most have since retired theirs and bought American and Israeli UAVs.

Starting in 2003 Canada, for example, bought 21 Sperwers, including ten second hand ones obtained from Denmark. The Canadians used their Sperwers heavily in Afghanistan and paid to improve the Sperwer flight control software, to make the UAV more stable when landing under windy conditions. It's often windy in Afghanistan. Still, troops were envious of UAV models they saw used by other nations. Canada stopped using Sperwer in 2009.

The $2.6 million Sperwer LE (Long Endurance) weighs 351 kg (772 pounds), carries a 50 kg (110 pound) payload, is 3.9 meters (12 feet) long, and has an endurance of 12 hours. Sperwer can operate up to 200 kilometers from its ground control unit. It is launched from a vehicle mounted catapult but lands conventionally.

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